Its been awhile since I last posted an entry here and a lot has happened. Work has suddenly caught with me (so has a depletion of funds), thus making my blogging a little but more sporadic. Just a quick update on the things that happened to Foodie Manila during the break.

Big News Number 1: I won as part of the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs of 2010. I’ve been receiving votes all throughout the past 12 weeks and after all the dust has settled Foodie Manila emerged victorious. Thank you for everyone who voted. Although I have yet to feel nor exercise any influence over my niche, or the blogosphere for that matter, I am truly thankful that all my efforts are appreciated by so many. When people ask me how I take photos of food so “effortlessly” (mind you it doesn’t mean that I didn’t work up a sweat getting the shot!) I always answer that it starts with the food. So again thank you to everyone and to all those who would’ve voted and for all those who think that I shouldn’t have won, don’t worry you are not alone. *wink* Check out other winners here.

Big News Number 2: I was invited to contribute to one of the best magazines out there. I personally have read one of their articles turn book, and is one of my inspirations for my blog. I don’t want to jinx it, but I really do want to share it with you guys. Well here goes, I was invited by one of the Managing Editors to contribute to, are you ready? The Philippine Tattler. Yeap. The premiere magazine for the high class peeps. Ok so they really are not my demographic but hey who am I to say no right?

To be completely honest, I am terrified of this latter news. But hey, good luck right? Rise to the occasion. If and when I get published on this magazine, I will definitely be giving away copies. Not that they are giving me some free copies, but I’ll personally buy and distribute!

Well that’s it for now. (Unless I edit later and talk about more news!)
The Chubby Chef aka. Carlos


Thanks to everyone who replied to my plurk! This is definitely one EPIC plurk thread!