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Saturday Lunch: Lambchops and Kale Strawberry Salad

Kate and I had one of our models over for lunch today.  Her name is Marina, she’s Brazilian and she has this strange craving for massive amounts of Kale. If you want to go through a list of obscure veggies not normally found in the Philippines… Then Kale would be it. We did find it tho in Rustan’s Rockwell. Gotta say that place is pretty damn well stocked.

Anyhoo, we decided to make an herb roasted lamp chop and kale strawberry salad. Lamb is something of a slight obsession for Kate but I usually do the grilling. Not today! Kate needs to practice feeling out the meat as it grills so she was up to bat. I took care of the mashpo, fennel and portabellos.

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Kate’s Chicken Waldorf Salad with Homemade Mayo


So I am trying to revive foodiemanila. Here’s a little taste of what we have upcoming on the blog. I’ve added new writers and sources. 😀 Hope you guys can try it and leave a comment at the bottom about the taste and how to tweak it!


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Malaysian Home Cooked Meal

I know what you are thinking, “its been awhile” and I admit it has. Work has drastically increased and my diagnosed illness has been working overtime with my mood swings in a very non productive way. I think I might go back to my meds again. But anyhow, I’m in Malaysia again! I am finding myself frequenting this country more and more and falling in love with it more and more. Last time I was here I featured some dishes from Yut Kee, Bee Chiang Hee, The Loaf, and much much more. But I think I lacked out some of the more interesting places. I can ramble on and on about Nasi Lemak, Chicken Chop, Maggi Mee, Mee Goreng, etc. but ever wondered what Malaysian home cooking was? I mean as a Filipino looking in I wonder now, is our home cooking quite different from the usual restaurants we frequent. I mean with such great food places all over Kuala Lumpur, one would never think about home cooking! But I was very fortunate that my boss, who just got engaged btw you’ve probably seen his meme proposal on 9gag, had someone prepare a home cooked meal for us. Thanks Tim.

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