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Flapjacks @ GH

I’m a huge fan of breakfast. Not only do I think it’s the most important meal of the day, I think it’s also the best tasting. You cannot go wrong with any breakfast meal. From our traditional SILOGs (i.e. Tapsilog, Tocilog, Longsilog, Hotsilog, etc) to the more foreign continental bacon and eggs, pancakes, and waffles, to the more asian like Kaya Toast and Teh Tarik at the local Kopi Tiam, breakfast is really my favorite meal of the day. When I was in Singapore, I would adore the early morning walk to the local Kopi Tiam to get my fix of Kopi or Teh Tarik, Kaya toast, and soft boiled eggs. I ate this non-stop for the 2 weeks I was there. Yes I was indeed happy. When I was in Malaysia, I would wander off to the local Buharry or Mamak and order any kind of Mee they had and or Rojak or Roti and cold Milo and I was also happy. Now, why can’t we have something similar in Manila?

Flapjacks is indeed a breakfast place! Serving breakfast the whole day, along with other regular dishes, I appreciate that they have a branch open in Greenhills. After a quick run around the area, I would settle in to get my fix of Pancakes, Sausages, Bacon, and eggs. The thought alone would get me through my 5km run!

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Ensaymada @ Diamond Hotel Bakery

Well its around that time again where the air is significantly cooler, the foot traffic is a little bit more thicker, and everyone has a spring in their step. Yes it is Christmas season again. And since Christmas is just a few days away in the Palma family we have traditional food always present. For our family it is most definitely Excellente Ham, Tablea Tsokolate, Marca Pato or Marca Pina Edam Cheese, Ensaymada, and Pandesal. You will always find this spread on our long family table.

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