There are several ways to get featured on Foodie Manila.

1. By Luck!

If by chance we eat at your place, then I’ll be Reviewing your resto/food just because I ate there!

2. Have GOOD FOOD and Service!

If you have these 2, then for sure I will be heading there.

But Why Foodie Manila?

Why not I say! It always helps to have some sort of footprint online. I am a dedicated food lover, and will write about anything I like or come across as worthy to be shared. What more can you ask for?

The difference between a Review and Feature. A review is an unbiased opinion of your restaurant or food. This cannot be bought nor asked for. The only time I review a restaurant is when I visit a restaurant on my own.

A feature is asking us to write about your restaurant and telling my readers what are the “specialties” of your restaurants. A somewhat guide to those who may want to visit your restaurant but wouldn’t know what to order.

(Thanks to Roxy, a reader I suppose, for pointing this out and making me realize credibility is indeed a key issue!)