There are several ways to get featured on Foodie Manila.

1. Contact Me!

You can contact me at Just leave your email as well as your contact number and food/resto you want reviewed Feature and we will accommodate you when the schedule permits.

2. Treat us to a meal!

You can treat us to a meal and we’ll gladly write about your food/resto a day or two after the meal. This will give you the the chance to be Featured! (thanks to Roxy) asap (especially for promos!) and be placed on the wide wide internet.

3. By Luck!

If by chance we eat at your place, then I’ll be Reviewing your resto/food just because I ate there!

4. Have GOOD FOOD and Service!

If you have these 2, then for sure I will be heading there and will be bringing some people!

But Why Foodie Manila?

Why not I say! It always helps to have some sort of footprint online. I am a dedicated food lover, and will write about anything I like or come across as worthy to be shared. What more can you ask for?

The difference between a Review and Feature. A review is an unbiased opinion of your restaurant or food. This cannot be bought nor asked for. The only time I review a restaurant is when I visit a restaurant on my own.

A feature is asking us to write about your restaurant and telling my readers what are the “specialties” of your restaurants. A somewhat guide to those who may want to visit your restaurant but wouldn’t know what to order.

Unless disclosed in the article, most articles here are features.

(Thanks to Roxy, a reader I suppose, for pointing this out and making me realize credibility is indeed a key issue!)