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Wee Nam Kee @ The Ayala Triangle

I love me my chicken rice. No I am not an avid fan, I am one of the most hardcore fans of HCR or Hainanese Chicken Rice I know. You see, I go to Singapore and Malaysia quite often for work, and I usually stay for 5 days up to 2 weeks. During my entire stay I would usually have HCR for lunch or dinner. It never fails. Whether it be the common Hawker Center HCR thats costs 2.90 SGD or the more notable places I will definitely visit these places at least once. Wee Nam Kee is right up there with the best of them. Along with its own history and traditions, Wee Nam Kee, promises to deliver one of the best HCR’s in town. So imagine my delight that Wee Nam Kee will be arriving here in the Philippines.

And arrive it did.

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Parvati @ Trinoma

Parvati (Tamil: பார்வதி, Sanskrit: पार्वती Pārvatī, Malayalam: പാര്‍വതി Parvathy; Malay: Parwati, Thai: Nang Uma-Devi) is a Hindu goddess. Parvati is also regarded as a representation of Shakti, albeit the gentle aspect of that goddess because she is a mother goddess.

But in the foodie world, Parvati is a place for bakers to come together and sell their goods to a wider range of audiences. You never know what you will find at Parvati.

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Caramia via Amici @ Greenhills

Caramia or My Dear in italian has gained reputation after the previous owners of Red Ribbon bought the fabled franchise from the Bosconian priests. They offer a wide range of desserts coupled with the italian resto Amici, which started

from the printing press canteen founded by Salesian Italian missionary Fr. Gianluigi Colombo, Amici di Don Bosco Incorporated was established in 2001. The Italian canteen, which was first known for its home-made Italian gelato, became a popular choice of the general Makati public for value-for-money food. In 2003, pastas and wood fire oven-cooked pizzas were added to its roster of authentic Italian offerings.

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Chocolate Fire @ Makati

It is said that, in the beginning, the Lord created chocolate, and he saw that it was good. Then he separated the light from the dark, and it was better. And nothing could be more true at Chocolate Fire located at the heart of Makati CBD. Every conceivable chocolate item they have, and even those you’ve never heard of, they would probably have. I was ready for my chocolate battle for today and I couldn’t imagine a better way to finish my week.

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Kainan Au Gusto @ Kapitolyo

Every Filipino has his or her own preference regarding food, most especially when it comes to Filipino Food. It is a tough task to enter native cuisine restaurant business, somehow you just can’t get it right. Whether it be too salty, or too sweet, or not enough seasoning, one has the tough task of having to live up to the dishes your mom or grandmom used to prepare. Its just the way things are. Nothing can live up to your mom’s cooking. But every now and there breaks unto the scene a star and man among boys and this is Kainan Au Gusto. With its peculiarity and in your face character, you would be surprised why I would regard this as the quintessential Filipino restaurant I’ve eaten at to date. Cheap, full of flavor and character, and most of all tasty, this restaurant, to quote our most prolific mall, has got it all.

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Ensaymada @ Diamond Hotel Bakery

Well its around that time again where the air is significantly cooler, the foot traffic is a little bit more thicker, and everyone has a spring in their step. Yes it is Christmas season again. And since Christmas is just a few days away in the Palma family we have traditional food always present. For our family it is most definitely Excellente Ham, Tablea Tsokolate, Marca Pato or Marca Pina Edam Cheese, Ensaymada, and Pandesal. You will always find this spread on our long family table.

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Philippine Street Food Series (Part 2)

What started out as an interesting feature on Philippine Street Food has now become a quest, a pilgrimage if you will, in featuring some of the most authentic Philippine Street Food. For this feature, Isaw and the infamous Balut are on the menu. This may not be for the faint of heart. (pun intended)

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Philippine Street Food Series

On a warm sunny day, a few food trips back and a few calories and pounds gone, you would find me playing in the street with the neighbors. After running around for hours without a care in the world, one does work up an appetite. I was lucky. Just around the corner you would find the neighborhood entrepreneur grilling some stuff on sticks. Or maybe the ambulant vendor pushing around a wooden cart with a gas stove and pan frying some Fish Balls. Yes I am talking about Philippine Street Food. I grew up to these delicacies and am quite fond at how unique and interesting each one tastes like.

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Tsumura @ Makati CBD

I’ve always been asked about those special niche places where dining is at its best and not everyone frequents it. I have an aversion towards restos in Malls because they tend to go for the generic taste which drives traffic rather than the authenticity and of the meal. Don’t get me wrong, I know quite a few restos in malls which do offer quite good cuisine, but I am more inclined towards those hidden gems scattered all over the metro.

Tsumura is definitely one of them. Hidden in the heart of the Makati CBD, lies one of the most authentic Japanese restos. Being heralded and a nominee for one of Manila’s Best Kept Secrets for Japanese cuisine, Tsumura actually is a place you must check out at least once in your life.

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Max Brenner Chocolate Bar

Nobody doesn’t like chocolate. I know of exactly just one person who doesn’t like chocolate. (Yes Richard, I am talking about you) Chocolate is one of the first things you start eating as a kid. When you break up with someone you turn to chocolate. When your sad you got chocolate. Chocolate both comforts and is an aphrodisiac. So when Max Brenner opened here in the Philippines, I promised myself that once I have enough money I will definitely have to check this place out.

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