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Amoroma @ Tagaytay

I’m a sucker for anything authentic. Authentic Pasta? I’m there. So imagine my delight when I finally discovered Amoroma at Tagaytay. Tagaytay is a brief 1 hour 30 mins drive from Manila and you have the cool crisp weather which is a cool respite from the hot & sticky weather that Manila has to offer.

I first tried this place with The Club on the way to Punta Fuego and have been back the succeeding weekends because I could never get enough of the place. I soak in the ambiance, the choices of handmade pasta, the music, and the weather, everything just ties in. This is one place I wouldn’t mind dining Al Fresco.

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Restaurant 101 @ Enderun

If I wasn’t doing what I am doing now I’d probably be a chef. Food and cooking are passions of mine which falls neatly into photography. That is why when Enderun held an open house which included a lunch at Restaurant 101 I definitely didn’t want to pass this one up.

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When we talk about vietnamese food in Manila we usually think about Pho Hoa. But Aquaknox has come to change everything. Serving affordable, quality, not to mention yummy viet food, Aquaknox has started making waves among foodies in manila with their chic interior design and quality food and wider range of food choices to really give us a taste of Vietnam. I can’t wait to plan my visit to Vietnam soon!

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Milk Tea has recently been trending food-wise as of late with milieu of Milk Tea shops sprouting up all over the Metro. From the likes of Serenitea and Bubble Tea, and Happy Lemon, another new player has put up shop and being a loyal Serenitea customer I vowed that Serenitea was still better.

That was up until I tried it.

Chatime offers pretty much your standard Milk Teas with its own little twist here and there. But what I really like about the place are the intangibles. Everything in between and the little things are what put you up and beyond the other stores in the market.

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Top 10 things to do in Sagada

I’m on a quest.

A quest to fullfil at least one out of town trip per month this entire year.

The reason for this new found love for adventure and travel stems from the fact that I don’t get out as often as I would please. And what is life without a little bit of travel and liesure to go along with the trials and tribulations of daily life right? If you notice my blog entries, you would subtly see where I was these past few months from Bacolod to Nagsasa, to Coron Palawan, and now Sagada Mountain Province.

I’ve had Sagada on my list of places to visit since forever and I was a bit hesitant in joining the tour organized by Tracey Santiago of Traveltales Inc. (email me on how to get in touch with her for other tours!) primarily because I had reservations about the place. But then if not now, when? I jumped right in with both feet!

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Yoh Gurt Froz @ San Juan

With the summer heat starting to make itself felt something cold is definitely a must already for every meal. Gone are the days where an afternoon snack I would crave for some soup and replaced with something cold.

But since it is already a time for summer and beaches, watching one’s weight is definitely a must this season. (Not to say that I am…)

Lucky that just down the road, a yogurt shop just opened! AND they have WiFi!

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Nagsasa Cove @ Zambales

I recently celebrated my 25th birthday and I thought why not celebrate it with something different this year. I was watching Dinner:Impossible at that time and enter this crazy thought of camping out in one of the hidden coves of Zambales for the weekend.

I rallied the troops, and we were off for an adventure to “rough it out” for a few days. Tents, grills, firewood, and other camping gear, by 11pm we were off and ready to the great unknown. Although we were roughing it out, being a foodie and all, in no way was I roughing out the food. A few days before, I went to the market and bought us our supplies. I prepared the menu, while the others prepared for the adventure.

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Mercato Centrale @ The Fort: Midnight Mercato!

Move over Banchetto, Mercato Centrale at The Fort: Midnight Mercato has now arrived. I was the opening of the much anticipated Mercato Centrale at The Fort: Midnight Mercato. It brought with it the hopes of a foodie refuge for those late night cravings/binges/and after party foodie offerings. Midnight Mercato is open at 11PM-3AM. I was ready to get my foodie on.

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Kuppa @ Bacolod

After I got rained out of my trip to the ruins, I decided to take a sip at Bacolod’s local coffee shop called Kuppa. It claims to have been brewing coffee ages, and their tagline says it all. “behind every cup of coffee is 55 years of experience” I love how they put it. I quickly entered and sat in one of the empty tables. And since the rain quickly dissipated as quickly as it started people wanted to get their warm fix in. I looked at the menu and they had A LOT of choices. These people knew their coffee.

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Napoleones in Bacolod c/o Pendys

Bacolod is known for its Inasal and Piaya, but to the well-researched traveler, one would also know that Bacolod is the sugar capital of the Philippines. Due to its relatively flat terrain, wide acres of planting land, and relatively peaceful weather conditions, Bacolod is ideal for the sugar crops that is actually its main product. But all this hullaballoo about sugar is nothing until one realizes that Bacolod is a dessert-lovers paradise. With UBER cheap cakes but really really awesome quality, Bacolod is a definite must-visit for anyone who loves cakes and anything sweet. Pendy’s is definitely one of THE places to drop by when in Bacolod.

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