Foodie Manila is a personal blog where The ChubbyChef aka. ME! documents and explores the world of food in his search for foodie nirvana.

I have always believed that one gets to know the culture as well as the personality of a place or person based on the food they eat. I am a strong believer of quote “You are what you eat!” I am in no way an expert at food nor do I claim to be. All that this blog aims to do is share places where I’ve eaten and my view or opinions on places. Advertiser by day, renegade Foodie by Night, I seek out those places that will make us go squee~
Blogging is definitely an outlet for me. Sharing with my readers, even if through pictures, the artworks and masterpieces of modern day artists/chefs/cooks come up with. The gastronomic delight we share and love may somehow transcend the photo and into our consciousness.

All work, both written and photographic, is by my work (unless otherwise stated). It should not in anyway be used for commercial  in any form without written expressed authorization by the author. All rights are reserved by the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines.