Choosing a new cookware especially the electric one is a bit confusing as one has to invest time in shortlisting the one that suits to him or her, the best. Apart from investing the time, finding a perfect balance of the quality and price is also difficult and the market being loaded with choices doesn’t help at all. So, I have always resorted to follow some good forums and do some independent study and buy the required cookware only then. Learning from experience and age, I thought to put the knowledge to the use of all the other fellas out there and started sharing my thoughts and reviews.

This post will be dedicated to choosing as well as using a Bread Maker.

How to Choose:

how to choose bread makerLet us begin with the how to choose question. Once you are all set to but a bread maker, decide the budget and size first. The budget should not be strained and the size of the loaf should not be big than the amount you can consume in two days. I mean, what is the benefit of buying a bread machine if you don’t get to eat fresh bread? Well, having said that, list down your preferences, the availability of making more than simple breads and doughs, the number of paddles, the window to check the baking progress, the noise levels, the sturdiness and the quality of the machine etc.

Apart from that, you should purchase a machine which is not too complicated for you to understand. Not all the people are fans of cooking and most are looking to grab a quick bite only. Hence, you should buy a machine that makes the baking look easy to do and makes you feel confident that you can use it. This bread machine buying guide will help you decide what you want and need.

How to Use:

Now, having bought the bread maker one should KNOW how to use it to make the perfect bread since the very first time.

how to use bread makerFollow the instructions carefully and make it a habit to follow them always. Take the prescribed amount of water, yeast, sugar, salt, flour (any type you want), oil, nuts and fruits (as per your choice), egg (if mentioned and if you wish to add) and add all of them in the baking pan. Finally, put the pan in the machine and ensure that it is properly fit and not hanging in an awkward position before you push the start button.

Now, close the lid and plug the machine in and start the baking. It will take 90 minutes to around 3 hours, depending on the size of the loaf and the machine. Finally, when the baking is over, the machine will beep you up and you are to put on the heat safe gloves. Remove the baking pan carefully from the machine and remove the bread from the pan carefully. Let it cool down and you will have a freshly baked bread loaf of your preference ready to be devoured.

Well, I hope that the post has been a good one and that you might have found some answers to the questions looming in your mind regarding the bread machine. Wish you happy shopping and happy baking.