San Juan and the Greenhills area has slowly become the newest hottest foodie hot spot (or have I been out of the game that long?) and luckily I got invited finally to try out Torch. I know Jill lives right across that resto and I’ve always wanted to see what was up and lo-and-behold my friend Marj invited me try it out. Barring any prejudices, I was ready to explore.

I met the proprietor Mike and he was really great. I suspect you wouldn’t even know he owned the place if you saw him but he was really cool and we had a nice chat among friends. I know the food was the highlight so here you go:

We started off with 2 soups: Clam Chowder and Cream of Mushroom

I liked how there were real mushroom bits inside the mushroom taste was real full. The soup as well was real full. I wanted to finish the entire bowl but held back because I knew tonight was a real food night. (I was glad I did too!)

We were first served with a sushi type dish. It was called the Volcano Roll. basically its a tuna sushi roll with cheese. Its quite spicy so be prepared!

We also were served some Pandan de Rosa slush. The strawberry is what makes it red. It was ok. It wasn’t as sweet as I expected it to be.

The pasta was just too much carbs for the night, but I couldn’t help myself. The Tartufo pasta was quite good as well.

One of the highlights of the night was the US Angus Steak Salpicao  Medallion Tenderloin. It was also wrapped in bacon. Bacon makes EVERYTHING better. It was tender, juicy and all kinds of nice. I just wished I could have ordered it a bit more rare. It comes on a marble slab which is constantly heated by a burner with a rice pilaf side. I loved the presentation too.

Another highlight was the fondue. Yes. Meat fondue was quite awesome!

The meat was tender. Only a few minutes in the fondue and voila its done! Tender and tasty!

It comes with different dips too! Steak sauce, gravy, etc. Must try!

It was a great night full of great conversation. I discovered a cozy new nook, made new friends, all over good food. Definitely coming back!