Being late in the game is not usually cool, but I didn’t mind when it came to Borough. I’ve been hearing about this restaurant from alot of foodies most especially about their milk and cookies and the pulled pork sandwich. I was really hell bent on trying these two out, but was pleasantly surprised with the other dishes as well.

Borough has gained notoriety for being open till the wee hours of the morning being the last stop after a night of clubbing and partying and munching on some hearty dishes and good food.

We of course started off with the appetizer:

Popcorn Calamares

This was a very interesting dish. I do wish that the popcorn was sweeter or caramelized to compliment the saltiness and acidity the calamares (in vinegar) brought. But over all good start to what would be a great meal.

Everyone quickly placed their orders and Thei’s order actually caught our eye. She ordered a grilled cheese sandwich with tomato soup. Two very simple dishes but combined was pretty awesome.

This was actually a meal in itself but since everyone took a bite out of Thei’s sandwich we decided to order more!

And order more we did!

I had the Asian Tuna Burger and as you can see they really use a tuna patty. The taste was unique and if you don’t like eating red meat and enjoy tuna you would definitely love this. I, who is a staunch advocate of meat, actually enjoyed this too!

Trixie had the pulled pork sandwich and it was every bit good as it was advertised. The pork was succulent and juicy and it just had the right amount of sauce. The ciabatta bread complimented it really well and the coleslaw all brought it together. If you are unadventurous eater, definitely must try this.

Thei also ordered a New York dog. She wasn’t quite fond of it, but I enjoyed it tremendously. I actually swapped my tuna burger for her New York dog! It had horseradish, pickles, mustard a good wiener, and a well toasted bun. The dressing was kind of sweet actually which I didn’t mind but would have preferred that Dijon mustard was used instead of regular french mustard.

We had our plates full quite literally for awhile until we moved on to dessert. Another thing that Borough was actually famous for was it desserts. We ordered 2 desserts and that’s because we were so stuffed from the entrees that we were scared of not finishing everything.

We got cranberry pudding ala mode. Denise loved this dish if I might add. It was not too sweet and yet offered just enough flavor and texture to break the “umay” factor of the main entrees which were full of flavor.

We would have been happy to end with the pudding. But we couldn’t. We didn’t. We of course had to have Mom’s Milk and cookies.

Yes. Milk and Cookies. That simple. The milk came in a cute little milk bottle which near zero. MBZ (milk below zero) anyone? They serve a plate full of cookies which change every time. The cookies were both crunchy and bordering soft batch. Warm and chewy and perfect when dipped in the cold milk.

Photo idea credit goes to Trixie for the next shot. She had this great idea for the photo.

It was awesome dining experience at Borough. Truly comfort food at its finest. Check them out at the ground floor of The Podium mall.