So I know and agree that this post is a bit late. Yes valentines day seems eons ago but I barely even noticed it this year. Getting used to it I suppose. But Bizu did send me a cake for Valentines day! I guess that more than makes up for it!

When I opened up the box I was greeted with the scent of fresh strawberries. Yes they were that plenty. I noticed though that the cake was a bit melted. I should have eaten it right away but decided to refrigerate it till I had better light. But nonetheless, I was sure I was in for a treat.

After the obligatory photo shoot, I quickly cut the cake.

The chocolate was rich and full. The brownie bottom was moist and soft and the custard in the middle just broke the pure chocoalatey goodness that the cake had to offer. A tiny slice was just enough for me. Any more and I would have to fear for my blood sugar and getting diabetes.

It would have been nice to share this with someone, but I shared it with my family instead. C’est la vie! Maybe next Valentines day!

Thanks to Bizu for the cake again! I still don’t know why you sent me one!