I received an email the other week from a friend asking me try out Family Fried Chicken. I told her that I would love to, but it was just out of the way. (I work at the Fort and I go home to San Juan while Family Fried Chicken’s store is at Banawe.) She told me that it wasn’t a problem because they actually deliver all the way to my place! With this good news I immediately called home and told them not to prepare anything for tonight since I had some food coming. Family was excited, mood was set, and another great eating experience was to be this time shared with my family.

I expected to be home at around 8:30PM (my usual time) so I told my friend to have it sent around 830-845PM. I half expected them to be late a few minutes so I was busy taking my time showering when they actually arrived on time! A definite plus in my opinion.

We started off with mini siopaos. They were these tiny siopaos filled with asado pork.

They were really good! It was a shame that we only had 12 pieces! LOL My dad ended up eating like 3-4 pieces because he really enjoyed them!

You know the secret to a good pancit would be the sautee-ing and the veggies used, and this is definitely yummy. Mom liked it a lot actually and had 2nds to boot!

Aside from the pancit, we also had Kikiam and Fish Sticks. The Kikiam was quite awesome. They served us 3 different kinds and each one was awesome in its own way.

By this time, I couldn’t wait to try the chicken! I saw the sauce. It was different. It was soy sauce but it was a bit thicker. The viscosity of the sauce was somewhat akin to molasses. It tasted sweeter and definitely a bit salty.

The chicken was also great. Baked to perfection, the meat remaining juicy and full of flavor and despite being delivered from quite a distance, it was still HOT!

So thank you Family Fried Chicken for satisfying my family’s craving for that night. They vowed to make me order again but this time much much more!

For the longest time, I’ve tried sharing the food I’ve eaten through my blog and via my pictures but sometimes it just doesn’t do it justice. So this time around I’ve got another FOODIEMANILA.COM first, I’m giving away 3 GCS for Chickens from Family Fried Chicken! All you have to do is like Foodiemanila on Facebook, and comment here on which is your favorite post and why you want to take your family there! The contest will end on June 15, 2011 so you better get your mouses clicking!


You can check out their facebook page here: http://www.facebook.com/familyfriedchicken

Family Fried Chicken

70 Matutum Street, Quezon City

(Near banawe and del monte ave)

364-6843 or 4118788