Move over Banchetto, Mercato Centrale at The Fort: Midnight Mercato has now arrived. I was the opening of the much anticipated Mercato Centrale at The Fort: Midnight Mercato. It brought with it the hopes of a foodie refuge for those late night cravings/binges/and after party foodie offerings. Midnight Mercato is open at 11PM-3AM. I was ready to get my foodie on.

I had been to the morning Mercato several times and I somewhat knew what to expect, but Midnight Mercato was different beast altogether.

Gone are aisles and rows of vendors inside the airconditioned tent and replaced with MORE TABLES AND CHAIRS! (Yay for sit down dining!) Not only was this available inside, but al fresco dining and dining under the stars as well. This was a huge huge plus for me because the last few times I went to Mercato in the Morning I had trouble finding a place to sit down and consume everything I bought. (Yes let your imaginations run wild!)

Most concessionaires were selling grilled food. A perfect night cap in my opinion after a night of drinking and partying. No, alcohol is not served at Midnight Mercato, it is a wholesome place! It was a bit crowded because of all the media running around and taking videos and photos and sampling different food being offered. I love free tastes because given that there is almost always never any reference to the food being sold you never know what you will be getting.

I spoke with co-founder Anton Diaz of and he did mention some key points that I would also love to share with you guys, my readers. He mentioned that he seeks to reinvent street food and the way it is perceived. In the Philippines, streetfood is usually associated with those “dirty” places and not really tourist friendly. This is a place that if you have guests from another country and you want them to sample some of our locale cuisine in a “tourist friendly” location, you know where you are headed. And I just have to agree. How I wished that this was already running when Brad from came for a visit. Of course this doesn’t rival anything like the Hong Kong or Taiwan street food scene but its still a pretty good place to get your foodie on.

I enjoyed my visit to Midnight Mercato. It was a great place to unwind with good food. Armed with good friends, you could literally eat your way to 3am! I just wished that they had more concessionaires so that it wouldn’t be so cramped. (But I let it slide since it was the opening!)

Midnight Mercato, I will be back!