I’ve been watching a lot TV Series’ lately and most of them feature slabs of ribs all smothered in secret barbeque sauces. How could I not resist coming back to Racks? There are limited Rib places here and Racks is one of the most common. I admit, we don’t have a lot of choices and La Maison, Tony Roma’s or Racks for the quick fix for Ribs, with the latter being the longest in the Philippines. So one Sunday, I dragged Richard along to eat at the branch near our place. I haven’t been to Racks for almost 2 years. Last time was with my ex-gf and I found it quite pricey back then!

Arriving at the peak of the lunch hour during Saturday, we were relegated to sitting at the 2nd floor of establishment. We quickly sat down and the decor has not changed. It looked fresh but it looked as if time stood still for about 10 years at Racks. No major upgrades. No changing of themes. The sauce was the same as it was a decade ago when I first tasted Racks. It tasted, the way it did years ago. Was it good? It was ok.

We placed our orders of a half slab of pork ribs. A classic. As well as 2 sides. I got the mac and cheese, and Richard got the Cheesy Brocolli.

The ribs were the same as ever. Soft and literally falling apart meat, which was characteristic of Racks in the late 90s, was still very evident The corn bread was dry though and quite hard. The mac and cheese tasted as if it came out of a box and the brocolli was quite dry.

I would recommend Racks for those who grew up loving this resto. But if you are an intense pork rib lover, you might be disappointed. I don’t know if I’ll be back.

We’ve all grown up in the past 10 years. Things have changed. Presidents have finally changed as well. Maybe its time for Racks to get that much needed revamp.