A lot of foodie friends have been talking about Happy Lemon which just opened up in Greenhills a few weeks ago. Being a foodie myself how could I resist not tasting it? So after my lunch at Racks, I decided to trot off to Happy Lemon located at the G/F of The Promanade at Greenhills for a quick look see. For the uninitiated, Happy Lemon is a China franchise of the now popular Milk Tea. There has been a steady rise of milk tea outlets all over the metro with Tea-o-logy, Serenitea, and a few more opening up shop all over the metro.

With the cute little mascot announcing its existence, I found the logo quite interesting. It features a cartoon character with a lemon for a head and winking. Quite attractive I must say. Although they occupy only a tiny space for their retail shop, I love the decor. It felt so retro and hip with those monotone chairs and the circles on the walls. They looked to chic.

They have different bases with Tea and Coffee as their main base. I wanted to try the rocksalt cheese tea but I was quite careful since it might not quite agree with my tummy and I had a full day ahead of me. I then decided to try the burnt caramel milk tea with pearls (Php 99.00 LARGE) . I decided it sounded the most like what I usually have at serenitea.

I took my first few sips and was surprised at how strong the tea tasted as compared to other milk teas I’ve tried. It wasn’t as sweet as well. The burnt caramel really was evident as you continue on sipping. I would say, comparable to Okinawa Milktea of Serenitea.

With the multitude of combinations and toppings and kinds of drinks available, I think I will have to come back a few more times to really find the perfect drink for me.

Find the familiar Lemon Head winking at you at:

Happy Lemon

G/F The Promenade, Greenhills Shopping Center

San Juan, Metro Manila