Thanks to the Holiday, I was able to attend one of the culinary classes at the Heny Sison Culinary School. (Check here for schedules! Promise super cheap and super sulit!)

I attended Chef Kathy Sion’s class on Chinese Rice Toppings. The class was about P1,850 (inclusive of the materials and recipes and certificate! you also can take home what you made!)

Like I said, if you want to learn how to cook, but don’t really want to take up culinary classes this is for you! I am a frequent visitor!

On the menu for today was:

  • Spinach Seafood Soup
  • Mandarain Grilled Beef with Green Pepper Sauce
  • Chicken on Lemon Sauce
  • Braised Pata Tim with Chinese Mushroom
  • Shrimp Balls with Brocolli and Straw Mushrooms
  • Grass Jelly Icecream

It was an awesome class. Very light and alot of jokes and advice. Also alot of cooking tips for non -culinary people. How to saute and fry. How to test for the heat of the oil and a lot of little trade secrets that you won’t read in the books. BTW, chinese cooking or dishes with NO MSG is awesome!

Chef Kathy was a great teacher. She even let me cook the beef as well as marinade and feel the texture of the beef to make sure that it was tender without tenderizing sirloin!

*Sorry guys, although I’d love to put the recipe here, I can’t since I wanna encourage you guys to go to the classes. Trust me, if you love cooking for friends or family or even for yourself, this is the way to go. They actually have dimsum making also by Chef Kathy Sion as well as Gourmet Burgers by Chef Jason Stacy. Even those with zero-knowledge will be able to do it!

But I can share with you the pictures! Enjoy!

Chicken in Lemon Sauce and Cashew Nuts
Shrimp Balls with Brocolli and String Mushrooms
Braised Pata Tim with Chinese Mushrooms
Spinach Seafood Soup
Grass Jelly with IceCream

Missing from the pictures is Mandarin Grilled Beef in Green Pepper Sauce
It was so good we ate it up before we even got to take a picture!