Everything about pod based espresso machines

There are many people today, who have no time lose in perfecting espresso making skills or don’t want to spend a lot of money on a machine they have to work anyway. For those, who want some good coffee and a lot of free time, espresso machine manufacturers invented the pod based espresso machines.

espresso machine podsThe pod espresso coffee maker is simpler to operate and unlike the typical espresso machine you save time as the coffee beans are already grounded and measured for you. You save a lot of time, because there is no need to grind the coffee beans and to tamp them later. On the contrary, the well grounded coffee beans are packed inside hermetically sealed pods, pouches or capsules and need only to be inserted into the proper slot of the machine. The already filled with water reservoir will start to heat and once the proper temperature is reached, the espresso would be delivered to you.

cleaning pod based espresso machineWith the pod based espresso machines the entire process of the making of espresso takes a couple of minutes, during which you are asked to do almost nothing. Another bonus is the fact that there would be no unnecessary mess in your kitchen, as there would be no spilled grounds of coffee. The pod based machines are also very easy to clean and the pod is sometimes automatically disposed of.

Nespresso CitiZThe best rated pod based espresso machines today are the Nespresso CitiZ, Nespresso Lattisima by Delonghi and Gaggia Classic. They are all distinguished with a user friendly performance and the ability to brew a number of espresso based coffee drinks very easy and quickly. They are very efficient and work with the press of a button.

The sealed pods and capsule are easily perforated by the machine and thanks to the pump from them are extracted the aromas and the cream that make the real espresso. The machines are easy to clean as the used capsules are automatically ejected, once the brewing has been completed. Their double boiler system makes it possible to brew cups of espresso one after the other, with just another push of the button. Gaggia Classic, for example, can sue both grounds and pods, giving to the users a lot of new and wonderful opportunities.

Espresso connoisseurs all over the world recognize the qualities of the pod based espresso machines, which save time and produce good and tasty coffee drinks. These kinds of machines are able to prepare shots of espresso within few minutes with almost no effort from your side. So, if you treasure your free time, but enjoy having a good cup of espresso, cappuccino or latte during your busy day, make sure to purchase a quality pod based espresso machine. The Edge provides a wealth of espresso makers buying advice and reviews. You can read their buying guide on how to select an espresso machine. Indeed, the pod espresso machines give you great new ways to prepare espresso, latte and cappuccino in the comfort of your home.

Salpicao: The 20 Minute Meal


Salpicao is a tricky dish. There are tons and tons of recipes on the internet all pertaining to the Pinoy version of Tenderloin tips in soy based sauce with tons of garlic but in no way resembles the Salpicao of the Portuguese.

The salpicão is a traditional Portuguese sausage. It is smoked, light brown in color, cylindrical in shape, about 15 cm (6 in.) in length. It is made ​​with beef and loin of pork, flavored with salt, white or red wine, garlic, and sweet or spicy paprika. The casing is a thick intestine of a pig, shaped in a straight form. After being hung within the casing, the meat is aged for 8 days, to improve the taste.


There is also a brazilian Salpicao which basically is a salad containing beef, chicken, or turkey and a variety of vegetables. (And yes, a sausage wikipedia exists)

I’ve been trying to cook this dish for the longest time and I have a few favorites starting with Fez’s Tenderloin bits to Barcino’s take on Salpicao. But no one has quite got it right the way I like it.

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Livestock @ Quezon City


There’s always something about coming that brings with it both excitement and anxiety. Am I still good enough? Do I still know what I’m talking about? Are my readers still there? Am I still relevant? All valid questions swimming in one’s head as you start banging away on your keyboard hoping for some words to drop in and come together in a cohesive manner. But then the excitement of actually creating something again. Writing something that means something to someone helping them decide where to to eat or what dish to try out overpowers and you bang out another set of sentences strung together to become paragraphs and paragraphs into a blog post.

I decided for this “comeback” performance, to stick to something familiar. The friendly. The unapologetic. The one-can-do-no-wrong’s.

So what a fitting way to come back into blogging by setting out to try what SPOT dubbed as the best Crispy Pata in town. (http://www.spot.ph/eatdrink/57124/top-10-crispy-pata-in-manila/2)

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