The Farm @ Sucat

The Farm

Sooooo I’m sorta back! It was a long hiatus for me of trying to get healthy and battling some new things in my life but I think I may have found my voice again. (Sort of?) My first post about blogging is something not new. I’ve seen a lot of people blog about this place but it was one of those locale places that only locals frequent. This is located near the entrance of Alabang Hills.

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Chow Fun @ San Juan

San Juan has slowly been transforming itself into a hub of foodie culture and I’m really glad I live right at the heart of it. A quick jog and I end up at one of the most populated streets for restaurants. The diversity alone leads me to explore this street half hoping that the local government turns this street (one of the busiest I might add) into somewhat of a night market or street food hub to really take advantage of the image of the place. I would love strolling around that busiest areas just sampling the local wares. Chow Fun is the most recent addition to the choices of where to eat at this bustling foodie street. Located across a buddhist temple and dive shop along J. Abad Santos, it lends itself to busy crowd and promises modern chinese cuisine. I was excited to try it.

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Chez Karine @ Serendra

Chez Karine at Serendra is the newest addition to the Serendra restaurants one can visit when visiting The Fort or High St. With its homey vibe, huge windows, and colorful pastries one is instantly drawn to come and check out what they had. I’ve been raring to go and hearing that it has some of the best pastries in town so I just had to check it out. After all, my office is just a quick 2 minute walk from the place right? Armed with a list of things I needed to try, I decided to go one particularly sunny friday afternoon.

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Stella @ The Fort, Bonifacio High St


I am guilty. I haven’t been blogging for awhile. I really am sorry. I promise to get back into it. So many changes happening but before I leave the High St I wanted to try out everything new. They’ve put up a new building at the other end of High St and called it High St. Central. Along with the new building come new restaurants like Lorenzo’s Way, Aria, Cue, Nolita, Mango Tree, and of course Stella.

My dining experience at Stella was not quite as Stellar as I expected but it had some bright spots. I would go back for particular things and the quiet ambiance but the food was just right. Let me begin. I did like however the concept that everything was cooked via the Horno or Clay Oven. As you will see on the menu everything is “fire roasted” making the entire meal a bit more healthier.

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10 things to do in Cambodia (part 2)

So I’ve delayed it long enough and would love to share part 2 of my What to Do in Cambodia post.

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Nutella Sans Rival

Yes. You read that right. Nutella Sans Rival. Starting off the blog post with something so audacious as Nutella Sans Rival will always catch any foodies attention. The idea came about because absolutely everyone loves Nutella and everyone’s love for sweets. Sans Rival is a very characteric filipino dessert although its origins is very french. Sans Rival which means “without rival” is a combination of meringue, buttercream, and cashew nuts. Its origins are certainly French. In the 1920’s to 30’s there were a lot Filipinos who went to France to study. They learned many French cooking techniques which they then brought back home. A Sans Rival is made with layers of dacquoise, typically using crushed cashews, with very rich French buttercream frosting. The dacquoise is allowed to bake and dry to a crispy layer so that there is the crunch of pastry and nuts with the buttery, silky frosting.

I’m pretty sure you’ve tried this out whether it be from Dumaguete, Latchi’s or Bacolod. It is a sinfully rich tasting dessert that just delights the sweet tooth of every Pinoy.

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10 Things to Do In Cambodia


Being an avid traveler, I’ve always loved exploring other countries. Whether it be in luxury or backpacking I’m there. One of the places to visit before you die was Angkor Wat in Cambodia. I decided to cross that off my bucket list this week.

Located in the province of Siem Reap, this area is where most of the huge temples or Wats are located. Since Cebu Pacific opened up the first direct flight to Siem Reap, I was lucky to be able to take advantage of the deal. [WARNING: POST CONTAINS A LOT OF PHOTOS!]

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Casa Verde @ Ayala Terraces, Cebu City

Casa Verde in Cebu is a staple, must-visit place when you first land in Cebu. I’ve been hearing about their monster burgers and unbeatable ribs that I JUST HAD to try according to a lot of my Cebuano friends. When most of my non-cebuano friends also raved about the place I just had to demystify the entire “What’s up with Casa Verde?”

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Siam @ Ayala Cebu

I’ve heard a lot of things about Cebu. During one business trip I decided to explore some restaurants in the main Mall of Cebu and chanced upon Siam. Siam is a Thai Restaurant and since it was my colleagues who ordered I just left it up to their better judgement of what to order. (So forgive me if I don’t know the prices and names of the food!)


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Borough @ The Podium

Being late in the game is not usually cool, but I didn’t mind when it came to Borough. I’ve been hearing about this restaurant from alot of foodies most especially about their milk and cookies and the pulled pork sandwich. I was really hell bent on trying these two out, but was pleasantly surprised with the other dishes as well.

Borough has gained notoriety for being open till the wee hours of the morning being the last stop after a night of clubbing and partying and munching on some hearty dishes and good food.

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